I never thought I’d be put in this situation where I’ll be expected to start a blog, and fill that blog with basic content, within class hours.

The first time I heard of the instruction I, figuratively, froze in my seat because I know how hard it is for me to start a blog. I have countless of (albeit neglected) blogs and what I’ve learned from all those unfruitful experience was I take naming a blog way to seriously. I legitimately have need to look for witty titles and catchphrases and feel which one captures the feel that I want my particular blog to portray.

While the rest of my classmates took their time in understanding how WordPress works and how they can manipulate their respective blogs’ display, I was struggling to come up with the perfect name. OH, THE AGONY!!

I was contemplating whether to use my personal WordPress where I publish my writings but after checking said site, I decided against it because no way am I going to share my deep, not-so dark but kind of impassioned writings with people I will be interacting with in person and there was no way I would private those writings as well because they were written to be read and shared and felt.

Anyhow, so that was how I ended up with starting an independent site under the same username.

It was not a walk in the park though. I had no freaking clue what I should do and how I should navigate but, as with all other things, I consulted Uncle Google. BUT there still was the dilemma of choosing a domain name and I have to admit what I settled with could have been more creative (I can only hope that the rest of the blog makes up for it lackluster).

Of course, I have to mention my Tumblr blog which has been my guiding light in the whole of this blog-making process in class. I pulled lots of inspirations from that blog in order to bring in some personal touches and creativity into this. That blog has nothing special in it and has minimal original content from me but everything in there speaks to me on a personal level and I just had to scroll through it to be able to pull this new blog off. I’d like to believe it was a success.

Well, that’s it for now for this first blog post. I’m trying to be optimistic that I can upload good content but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.



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