Hello, my non-existent readers! I apologize for this one-week-after post. Nothing much has happened in my [acad]life.


Unlike other studyblr operators, there is usually nothing productive enough in my life for me to share. Hence, I’ll be writing instead about my inability to focus on my acads and my strong relationship with the ultimate bae: Procrastination.


Here’s to hoping I change my “study habits” by the end of the sem! 🍻


So, for the past days that I’ve been silent in this blog, the following has happened:


  1. I got a new phone
  2. I incurred a total of 6 absences
  3. I was almost revisited by my old friends, Anxiety and Stress


As you can see, positivity is not a frequent visitor but it’s fine, I don’t exactly find it to be an entertaining companion.


New Phone


Let’s talk about my new phone <YAY>!


In all honesty, I genuinely feel bad about losing my previous phone. That might be the longest time I have successfully kept a phone — 2 years — and I’m not proud. I really felt devastated when I lost that phone. Just imagine two adventurous years are in there and I’m not only talking about the photos. All the handouts I still plan to check in the future and the novels/prose collections I so patiently scouted for and downloaded, the notes and personal writings I kept are all there. Basically, my whole life was there.


It was already two weeks into the semester when I realized that I was being unfair to the people around me; me insisting on not buying a new phone, regardless of price, just frustrates my peers who’ve grown accustomed to fast communication and spontaneous meet-ups. For me, it was refreshing to not worry about leaving something behind every time I leave rooms and it was calming to believe that you have your day under control without having to consult a mini-computer. Nevertheless, people around me were starting to miss not sharing trivial observations to me in real-time and it was harder for them to meet me, especially if they cannot readily connect to the internet just to contact me.


And that, ghost folks, is how ended up with my phone. THE END.


Six Absences


For this second part of my theatrical life, and I don’t doubt reading this second item in my list got your jaw dropping to the floor, I shall discuss to you how this came to be. But BEFORE THAT, let me rest my eyes first because, heck, it’s 2:12 in the morning and I will have to struggle to wake up VERY early tomorrow/later if I don’t maximize my sleep now.

Just wait for my future posts about the continuation of the story of my week. Hope to hear from you, guys! Let me know I’m not alone.


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