But, Jack, what HAS happened in your week? We’ve never actually heard anything worth blogging from you.


Thank you for asking, invisible reader.


The featured image I lifted from unsplash.com (thank you, Alexander Dummer) says it all. Photoshoot.

This week has been a very busy week for me, the Under-secretary General for Delegate Affairs of the Southern Luzon Model United Nations Conference 2017 (look it up). Now, not only am I busying myself with the delegate concerns — talk about receiving calls from unknown numbers in the middle of a class, yikes — I, along with two other orgmates, was tasked to head the photoshoot for the conference. There are issues here and there, especially concerning our Secretary General (which should no longer be disclosed here).


Now, one of the issue I’m most concerned about in this photoshoot is the theme. The three of us decided to go for a minimalist B&W theme for the photos of the org members. The Secretary General, decided to take a different path because, from my perspective, he wasn’t able to execute our concept properly. I don’t plan for this blog to become a ranting page so I’ll have to be objective here.


We had our faults as well; we were working slowly and we, admittedly, were not well-coordinated with each other and/or with the rest of the org. So, you see, I understand what propelled our SecGen to do things on his own — I’d do the same if I were in that position honestly. Nevertheless, this only fueled the spite that some of the members were already feeling against him.

It so happened that my two co-heads were among those people (wow, gossip into the life of Juggling Jack).

<–to be continued, hopefully not next week, because I’m currently in my IT 1 Class and we’re about to point out parts of a System Unit–>

Woah, okay now that we’re done with the recitation (not gonna lie, the waiting was killing us — we were fourth to the last!), here’s the rest of the blog:


So, our SecGen created this layout:
<imma insert image later because heck, I’m still in class>


While THIS is my execution of our concept:


<imma insert image later because heck, I’m still in class>


The Secretariat is out of sorts because, the thing with our SecGen is, he is eager — to be continued later because shutting doooown.


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