What I really wanted to send

Dear Admissions Office,

Kindly answer my questions or I’ll be forced to call you and bombard you with these questions. 

Until when are you planning to leave the waitlisted applicants waiting and hoping for slots? Do you even have plans to finalize your accepted applicants? When will that be? Will the waitlisted applicants be informed?

Are there any appeal processes like the previous years? Why were there interviews scheduled even after releasing both the accepted and waitlisted applicants? Were there already some waitlisted applicants who were accepted?

You, guys, seem unorganized this application season. I don’t see why you have to let us wait for more than a month. 

For a medical school that’s supposed to be alleviating the health of the Filipinos, you’re pretty good at giving waitlisted applicants and their families anxieties and mental health issues.


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