Stuck between phases

Created: 18 July 2017
Ah, yes, it’s good to be back, my readers. I’ve been through so much these past few weeks. I almost had anxiety attacks whenever I find myself alone and quiet. It was a very exhausting month and all I could do is desperately hope that, somehow, I get some award (i.e. pass physics and continue to medschool) after all the hurdles I’ve been going through.

Update: 9 Mar 2018

I passed my last remaining undergraduate units just in time for my first sem enrollment back in July. The two are separated by merely 2-3 days and I had ti run documents from UPD, UPLB, and ASMPH. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I wanted to breakdown so badly. It had me questioning, “Is this really worth it?” “Do I even deserve it?” After finishing the first semester and having some self-enlightenment experiences over the break. I can confidently say that yes, it was worth it. Every day I am reminded of the struggles I had to go through to get to where I am now and every day I’m thankful for being able to study in ASMPH. 


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