I’ve tried putting up studyblrs before, or at least converting my personal tumblr account into one, but I never got through with it — I ended up losing content to post because, if I’m being honest with myself,  I’m not a very serious student in real life. I never could get the energy or motivation to do the same things as the other studyblr owners. I used to, I guess, but that was way way before all the hormonal changes of puberty had set in.

I, therefore, consider this blog as both a birthday gift and a New Year’s gift to myself. I hope to continue producing worthy content and I hope, that through this blog, I motivate myself as well as others like me. Of course, it should be put out there to the world, that I hope this blog carries me through this last semester of my undergraduate years all the way to my future post-graduate studies.

Sir, if you’re reading this, I hope I pass IT 1 (he he he)!