Stuck between phases

Created: 18 July 2017 Ah, yes, it's good to be back, my readers. I've been through so much these past few weeks. I almost had anxiety attacks whenever I find myself alone and quiet. It was a very exhausting month and all I could do is desperately hope that, somehow, I get some award (i.e.…Read more Stuck between phases



I haven't updated much though I tried multiple times. I'm currently on my way home to start my long weekend (National Hero's Day on Monday). We'll be having visitors tomorrow until Monday morning then I'll be facing my second and third med school exams on Tuesday.  We're done with the Principles and Perspectives Module where…Read more Post-P&P

Watering sunflowers… Weaving Sablays… grad-Waiting…

I'm writing this now instead of continuing my 12-page book review requirement because I feel lost.   Before, I see clearly a path even if I was a bit struggling for it.... I really don't have the words to describe the situation I am right now. I have lots to tell you, guys, about, so…Read more Watering sunflowers… Weaving Sablays… grad-Waiting…

What I really wanted to send

I was waitlisted back in March and they said I can ask for updates come March 20. Over a month later, I still had no idea whether I was accepted or rejected. I email them every week and only had the decency to reply when I told that I was disappointed, and even then they took about a week or so. Still, all they told me was they'll call me when they have slots... UNTIL WHEN THOUGH?!